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Genital Moles

Check Moles List

Check Moles List

Really the moles could appear anywhere on our body. May be the most embarassing place are the genitals. Yes, it is hard for other to see this mole but an ugly genital mole could harm our general condition and our sexual life.

The bad news are not only this one. The connection between the moles and the skin cancer is scientifically proven.  Because of the placement the genital moles are put to additional presure and irritation of the underwear.

The genitals have specific hygyene needs and if the mole is in some hard to reach place like anus or vagina this could cause even more troubles.

May be every4 of 5 dermatologists recommend to remove the moles on genitals. Because there is higher risk of iritations and may be melanoma.

According to the American Cancer Society (

“Melanoma is almost always curable when it is detected in its early stages”

This FREE Check Moles List will help you to perform a self-exam of your moles and to mark any suspicious signs.

Note: the Check Moles List is developed by the Moles Removal Organization


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